Equipment and vehicles


We have a complete range of packaging materials.

So your belongings benefit from the best possible protection. Fragile or not, every object has its own packaging. All our cardboard boxes are double-fluted, so they won't crush. Finally, our teams are regularly trained in all the latest packaging techniques.



- Double-wall cardboard
- Anti-shock bins
- Glass bins
- Covers for bedding, sofas, etc...

- Lampshade and halogen boxes
- Wardrobes for clothes on hangers
- Telescopic and compartmentalized boxes for pictures and mirrors

- Corner protectors for pictures, frames, glass trays
- Bubble wrap, bullpack, bullkarft, altapack
- Removal blankets
- Custom-made wooden crates.

Our removal vehicles

Our fleet of vehicles, which is regularly renewed, is one of the key elements of our infrastructure for the smooth running of your move:

  • A 100m3 truck-trailer unit equipped with side-opening swap bodies, supported by pneumatic shock absorbers, to EURO 6 standards,
  • 3 x 22m3 padded trucks,
  • 2 storage container doors,
  • 1 van 3m3.
Demenagement carere cannes mougins le cannet

Our furniture lifts

We have 3 furniture lifts to cope with any situation.
The use of a furniture lift avoids additional handling of furniture on staircases and elevators, and preserves the peace and quiet of your neighborhood.

  • Self-supporting 34-meter high furniture lift up to the 11th floor.
  • 21-meter towable furniture lift for narrow access up to the 6th floor.
  • 16-meter electric retractable furniture lift for the most difficult access, up to the 5th floor.

All our furniture lifts are also electrically powered, silent and non-polluting.

CARERE déménagements offers a wide range of removal services to meet all your needs, guaranteeing a tailor-made move.

With a wide choice of options available, your moving project can be fully customized and tailored to your specific needs.

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Our customers trust us


  1. 1. We are a family business on a human scale, close to our customers,
  2. 2. We do not subcontract,
  3. 3. We regularly invest in modern, high-quality equipment and new vehicles,
  4. 4. We provide you with an experienced and qualified team,
  5. 5. We simply know our business.